27 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013

    FAITH CONNEXION has chosen New York as the first city to fully experience the FAITH universe; a destination inspired by diversity, cultural mix and the varying visions of urban street cool that all come together to create a raw and spontaneous attitude.

    ‘FAITH CONNEXION is about hand-craftmanship, people versus brands, creativity against marketing, creative diversity against cultural imperialism, NY and particularly Soho is the place to talk about that,’ Alexandre Allard, FAITH CONNEXION, CEO.

    The ground floor of the store displays men’s and women’s ready to wear and accessories, with active spaces such as the unique glass encased atelier which will host live performances by graffiti, embroidery and denim artists.
    Street artists and local seamstresses will be on hand to customize garments, working on one-off bespoke pieces for the individual customer. With a raw and spontaneous attitude, they create clothes imbued with a pre-owned, lived in feeling. Every piece has a soul, a story, a life apart. Freedom, desire and emotion are at the heart of the creative process.

    The inspiration for the store design takes its vision from the original textile factories at the turn of the 19th century and New York’s unique streetscape. Industrial vintage meets contemporary luxury, combining blackened steel for the atelier area with brass shop fittings, beautiful silk carpets and a rough cement backdrop.

    Vintage fixtures sourced from brocantes and fleamarkets are juxtaposed with modern designs by Milo Baughman, Vladimir Kagan and Roger Rougier, among others. All materials and shop fittings have been hand manufactured in New York City, and the store’s design was overseen by Anne-Sophie Rosseel of ASR Design.

    Underground, a VIP lounge and showroom awaits, reminiscent of a vintage recording studio. Dark brick-red walls, sumptuousseating, velvet curtains, vintage rugs and floor lamps create the ambience of a sunken hidden gem.

    The FAITH CONNEXION space will be utilized as a cultural hub and will host both local and international art exhibitions and installations. The unique thinking of FAITH will create an experience like no other and one that fosters a contemporary attitude fostered by the digital era – a truly modern factory of contemporary tailoring.

    The overall concept is to create a space of non-stop creativity, bridging the artisanal history of the building and the forward thinking concept of FAITH CONNEXION’s contemporary ethos. A creative tribe with a multitude of inspirations, FAITH CONNEXION captures and elegantly puts forwards the authenticity and the attitude of the street in all its diversity.